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Straight Teeth Treatments

Straight Teeth Treatments

Say goodbye to your twisted or crooked teeth today

If You Are Unhappy With Your Smile. If You Cover Your Mouth On Photos. If You Feel Self-Conscious When You Open Your Mouth, Then We May Have The Answer For You!

We understand there are thousands of people in and around Lambourn who have been living with a crooked or twisted smile. The great news is it’s never too late for you to get the smile that you want, and with the advances that have been made within dentistry there is no need for you to wear unsightly braces for what could be years on end!

Your smile is unique and that is why we have a number of techniques we can use so that your dream smile can be achieved.

Better yet, you no longer have to wear those ‘train track’ braces for months or even years. Here at Lambourn Dental we use treatments that will perfect your teeth in just a matter of months! Our braces are so discreet, no one need know that you even have a brace in! Our treatments are quick because we generally target the front 6 teeth, as a result we don’t need to extract teeth or fill in large gaps. This means that we can straighten teeth in less than 9 months for most patients.

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So Can I Ask You, Are You Interested In Changing Your Smile? 

clear-alignersExcellent. To make life easier for you we created a guide to tooth straightening.

If you want to know more about Straight Teeth solutions then our FREE Guide is ideal. This guide can be sent to you by post or you can read it online, whichever suits you best.

The guide provides you with more information about our practice and our straight teeth team, along with details on each of the straight teeth systems that we currently use. In addition there are patient success stories from satisfied clients that have walked away with a fantastic new smile.

Complete the form for Instant Access to this Guide

Complete the form for Instant Access to this Guide

Before and after straight teeth treatment

Case Study Before

Case Study Before

Case Study Before

Case Study Before

Case Study Before

Case Study Before

Case Study After

Case Study After

Case Study After

Case Study After

Case Study After

Case Study After


Nobody Noticed I Was Wearing Invisalign

Are Braces Right For You?

We have many different options for you if you are unhappy with your teeth and smile. For many people, braces can be the perfect solution, for others veneers are the way forward, and for some just a little cosmetic bonding will help to achieve that perfect smile. 

Below are some of the more popular treatments that many of our patients choose to give them straighter teeth.

Inman Aligner

Have a beautifully straight smile in just 8 weeks!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could straighten your teeth in just a few weeks without having to wear unsightly braces and without having to pay a fortune? Inman Aligner – a virtually invisible appliance which can straighten teeth in just 4-16 weeks.

The aligner is removable, making it easy to wear, and is a fraction of the cost of other similar systems. “The Inman Aligner is the ideal solution for clients who are self-conscious about their misaligned teeth, but who don’t want to commit to lengthy treatments”.

The aligner is removable, which means you can still eat whatever you like and you can clean your teeth as normal without the need for fiddly brushing between wires. You don’t need to wear it all the time if you don’t want to but we recommend wearing it for at least 16-20 hours a day for the quickest results.



FASTBRACES® is for teenagers and adult patients who are looking to straighten their teeth comfortably but don’t want to wait years for quality results or cut corners for speed. This high quality technology helps straighten teeth really fast, even in about 100 days, without extraction!

FASTBRACES® is used in countries all over the world, metal braces that are comfortable and deliver beautiful results fast and safely. That’s because the technology behind the FASTBRACES® patented methods and treatment utilizes uniquely designed brackets to work with only one high tech nickel titanium wire from start to finish that helps restore the morphology of healthy bone around the crooked teeth gently and easily as they become straight.


That’s why the key benefit to using FASTBRACES® is that, for many patients, treatment is completed in about 100 days. The speedy alignment of teeth with FASTBRACES® Technology also helps patients receive excellent value by requiring fewer visits to the dental practice making it less expensive than other types of orthodontic treatment. It is particularly fantastic speedy non extraction therapy for teenagers who have been refused NHS straightening.
4 BIG Benefits of FASTBRACES®
  1. Really fast treatment
  2. Safe and comfortable
  3. Fewer visits
  4. Less expensive



SmileTRU Clear Aligner

SmileTRU is a series of removable clear aligners for those patients who cannot, or choose not to wear a fixed appliance.

Each positioner is designed to fit over the teeth and apply gentle forces to gradually move the teeth. Each aligner is worn for 22 hours a day for 2 weeks. After this time, the aligner should feel passive and you can then move onto the next positioner that has further movements built in. This step by step approach ensures that you are only applying gentle forces to the teeth which is both good orthodontic practice and minimises any discomfort when wearing the positioner.

Adults are increasingly seeking a confident smile yet are not always willing to wear wire and brackets. As SmileTRU is virtually invisible when worn, adults can have their teeth straightened without anybody else knowing. The positioners are also removable for eating, public speaking or that Friday night date. Clear aligners offer minimal discomfort and impact on your daily routine compared with traditional Orthodontic treatment.

The Next Step…

If You’d Like To Know More About The Straight Teeth Treatments That We Offer, Why Not Come Along For A Free Straight Teeth Consultation? Give Us A Call  Or Pop Your Details Into The Form Below.


Transform your smile today! Sign up for a free smile audit

We Now Offer Video Consultations!

We Now Offer Video Consultations!

Meeting up with a team member where you can relax with a hot drink while you chat about how, and in what ways, Lambourn Dental can help to improve your smile. Included in your smile audit:

  1. Address your concerns and desires
  2. Discuss treatment options suitable for you
  3. See before & after photos and patient testimonials
  4. Offer of Interest – free finance options
  5. Opportunity to book your clinical assessment

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